Davy Stevenson is a developer in beautiful, sunny Portland, Oregon. She has a long history building successful products in the high tech space.

Right out of college Davy joined Insitu as an early-stage employee and contributed to the vision and object tracking team. Insitu was purchased by Boeing in 2009.

She joined Elemental Technologies as the founding member of the user interface team and later grew the team to 10 people. At Elemental she was responsible for the user interfaces of five products during the course of her tenure.

In 2013 Davy joined global mapping company Esri, where she works on next generation mapping technologies. She managed the Server and Mobile teams responsible for Esri's Geotrigger Service.

When not writing Ruby, she enjoys gardening, knitting, twittering, drinking all the fantastic beer that Portland has to provide, and ignoring her cats as much as they ignore her. She is a prominent member of Portland Twitter Storm Team, and has attained a black belt in emoji usage.

Davy holds degrees in Astrophysics and Computer Science from Williams College and a Masters in Computer Science from Portland State University.



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